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Clearwater’s goal is to provide competitively priced natural gas while advising our clients on the current natural gas environment, enabling them to make educated decisions in purchasing their gas supply.

Your facility may be eligible to take advantage of a program in your area which allows you to subscribe to transportation services and purchase your natural gas directly from Clearwater at substantial savings to your company.

The program simply allows Clearwater to manage transportation service on your behalf and sell you gas sourced by Clearwater on the utility’s system. The transportation and service fee is currently embedded in the utility’s tariff rate that you pay now and would not increase with the purchase of gas directly from Clearwater. Clearwater would deliver your supply at a substantially lower price than the utility, resulting in a direct effect on your bottom line.

Your account will be evaluated by our consultants to provide you with the most efficient energy options available for your needs, backed by our outstanding customer service.

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Online Payment

Any credit card payment that is processed will be charged a convenience fee for each transaction processed.

The convenience fee charged will be 3.89% for all transactions and it will be added to your invoice amount.

Please note this fee is for payment by credit/debit card only.

You have the option to pay by Check, ACH, and/or Wire without any additional fee.

Please contact your sales rep or ccpayments@cwegas.com for any questions about this payment option.


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Pricing Options

tailored for your budget and energy needs.


Index Price

Monthly or Daily Prices. A substantial number of our Oklahoma customers buy their gas based on a monthly Index. Our experience has shown the Index to be an accurate representation of monthly gas prices in Oklahoma.

  • High tolerance for price uncertainty
  • Unpredictable long-term usage patterns
  • Buyer may convert to mutually agreed fixed price
  • Flexibility with pricing
  • Purchase natural gas based on current market condition

Fixed Price

Monthly and Yearly Terms.

  • Low tolerance for price uncertainty
  • Budget contraints
  • Price predictability
  • Lack of time and experience to follow the market

NYMEX “Basis”

Monthly and Yearly Terms (Price discounts or adders to the NYMEX depending on supply location)

  • Buyer has defined volume which can be triggered or defaulted to the NYMEX monthly settlement
  • Price is transparent and once agreed to, will not change
  • Provides flexibility with hedging on length of time and volumes purchased
  • Ability to trigger any or all of term

Bundled Price

(Price to include transport and commodity price)

  • Pay one bill for cost of gas and transportation for LDC or City Gate
  • Pay one bill for all costs to company burnertip (some LDCs do not allow LDC payment by supplier)
  • Easy access to all costs of natural gas and components
  • One transaction for services provided

What Moves Gas Prices?

Factors   Influences
Weather   Hot = Power Demand
Cold = Heating Demand
Supply Demand   Regional
Storage Levels   Withdrawal: November-March
Injection: April-October
Transport Rate   (IT) Interruptible Transportation
(FT) Firm Transportation
Pipeline Constraints   (OFO) Operational Flow Order
Customer Load    
Length of Contract    


Risk Management Pricing Options

Index Price   Fixed Price
+   -   +   -
At Market Price   Price Risk   Budget Certainty   Market Timing
Flexible Price   No Budget Certainty   Transparent   Lose Touch with Market
Transparent Price   Platt Sets Price   Protects Profits   Not Flexible
Can Convert to Fixed Pricing   Time to Manage   No Time to Manage   Fixed Volumes and Terms
Most Companies Hedge 75–80%


Our Focus is on Gas Costs and Great Customer Service

Cost of Gas Pie Chart

How Gas Purchased from Clearwater

arrives at your facility.